bodyguard services london, and UK wide

Bodyguard Services London and UK wide

The Managing Director of Security and Safety Solutions is a former British Army Officer with the Special Operations Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit. So we only provide bodyguards services London and UK wide, using close protection operators and executive protections officers of the highest standards.

Ring us now and we will talk you through the process to deploy the right bodyguard for you bespoke to your needs.

Some clients prefer a larger athletic presence in a bodyguard. While other clients prefer a more discreet operator. Business executives may want their security support with them wearing a suit. Whereas a social media influencer may want their bodyguard dressed down in more casual clothes similar to them. We can supply bodyguard services, London or UK wide, using both male or female bodyguards. Or a mixed team of male and female operators. You can hire a bodyguard for a day, or longer a term personal protection officer. Whether you need bodyguard services London, or UK wide, as our client we fit our service around you. Not make you fit your requirements around us.

Affordable bodyguard services without compromising on quality

Most of our security operators who provide bodyguard services London, UK wide, or internationally, are former British Army soldiers, or UK Police Officers. Many of which come from special operational units within those services. All of our bodyguards are highly trained and experienced in providing security and safety across a broad spectrum of environments.

For example, we can support you if you are travelling between business meetings. If you’re shopping in Selfridges or Harrods. Or dining at 5* restaurants. Or for those needing support due to a direct threat against them, or that want a bodyguard with them to give them peace of mind, we can support you. Our aim is to allow you to go about your day as you would normally, and we will manage any potential risk for you.

Affordable bodyguard services without compromising on quality

All of our bodyguards have to go through a rigorous pre-employment screening. They are experienced in providing bodyguard services London and UK wide. They are licensed with the UK Security Industry Authority, and have their references verified. Plus, they have to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) so that they operate with the upmost confidentiality and privacy when they deploy to provide security services for our clients. In addition, we are always happy to put our bodyguards through further vetting and verification to suit the requirements that you have when we employ someone to work with you.

bodyguard services london uk, and internationally
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We’re here to support you

We appreciate that most people haven’t had to use bodyguard services London, or UK wide, before. So we’ll support you every step of the way. We’ll make sure that we fully understand the risk to you, and then provide you with a bodyguard or bodyguard team bespoke to your needs.

We are contactable 24/7 if you need us. We’re happy to come out and meet you for an introductory meeting. Or if a conference call is easier, we’ll fit in around your schedule. You can even view our guides on how to hire a bodyguard in the UK and how much does it cost to hire a bodyguard in the UK.

Get in contact now and we’ll talk you through potential options to improve your safety and security.

bodyguard service london

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